WhatsApp Plus APK v17.52 Download 2023 [Anti Ban]

File Name
WhatsApp Plus
Package Name
WA Mods
Compatible with
4.4 and up
56 MB
MOD Features
Anti Ban
Updated on
October 2, 2023

Since the invention of cell phones, the world has faced a huge revolution. This revolution was related to communication. Firstly communication through calls was made accessible after this communication through messages developed. 

After this, a huge revolution has come which consisted of the development of various communication apps. Firstly WhatsApp was the only communication app. And people thought it to be the world’s best communication app. It is true that it has facilitated the users through any means. But still, it lacks many features demanded by the users. 

In order to fulfill the demand of the users, the developers have struggled hard. And after great hard work, they developed a world-famous awesome app called WhatsApp Plus. here we will introduce this wonderful app. This app is basically an advanced and modified version of WhatsApp. 

Therefore it is equipped with unlimited features. These incredible features are provided just for our users so that they will not have to wander here and there. Because this app consists of all of the advanced and essential features.

They include anti-ban. Anti-delete, hide the story, hide blue ticks, and many others. And these features are the only assets of this app. 

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2023

Basically, it is a similar app working entirely the same as WhatsApp. It was first introduced to users in 2012. Several hard-working developers and XDA members Refalate designed this app. 

waplus white

The design was made by alteration and modification of the original WhatsApp app. The purpose of this activity was to introduce many advanced features. But remember the purpose of this app is not forgotten. Because we also aim to provide a smooth communication app with all of the advanced features. 

It is loaded with many advanced features which will be a very new experience for you. These features will include the facility, more emoticons, hiding options modified file sharing, and many others.

Whatsapp cleaner, recording status, auto-reply, beautiful wallpaper, and alteration of fonts are the additional features. We are assured that you will see be seeing these features for the very first time. But forget to leave an appreciable review in the comment section. 

A very prominent question is raised by many people is WhatsApp Plus Apk legal? Therefore you should be acknowledged of these questions that the status of legality is under weighty questions. Because this app was removed from the Playstore in the past times. But now it is still available for download on the official website. 

Some persons contacted the WhatsApp Team for elucidation. But their response was not appropriate. The WhatsApp Team called this app is illegal but high authorities are silent on this matter. This thing makes the illegality suspicious because the authorities have not declared it illegal. 

Therefore you should go for this app and use it swiftly. Because of the suspicious evidence that this app has no illegality in it inside. 

Features of Whatsapp Plus Apk

Anti Ban Feature

It is usually reported by many users that the official WhatsApp ban on this app is found on the same device. But from this Apk file, you will not face such kind of trouble. Because this Apk file will protect this app from the ban. 

Therefore this is called the anti-ban feature. In this way, the users will be allowed to use both of versions on the same device. Therefore you should go for this app if you wish to use the official WhatsApp along with this app. 

You will not be banned by the official WhatsApp because this Apk file will protect this app from the ban. This Apk file will shield this app. If you will lack this Apk file you will not be able to protect this app.

Theme Feature

In WhatsApp Plus Apk you will be offered the facility to choose the theme according to your wish. These themes will be modified as compared to the themes in the official WhatsApp. 

Moreover, they will be incredible, flexible, and appealing to eyes which cast a healthy shadow on your eyes. Furthermore, you can choose the color of text,  buttons, and visuals. But the original app does not permit you to perform these customizations. 

Therefore this app offers dexterity for selecting the appropriate visual look. More than 700 themes are accessible in this app. In addition, you will not have to download these themes separately. This app downloads the themes and sequences them by name, date, and version. 

Hide Active Status

The users of WhatsApp were disturbed by the people finding them online. It is often observed in our real life that if our friend or any person finds us online, he starts communicating. This communication is usually along with calls or texting. This thing became the headache of millions of people. 

Therefore they demanded a version that can protect them from this huge problem. WhatsApp Apk has gained high popularity because of the hiding feature. Because you can hide your active/online status from this app. 

This will make you able to hide your active status from all people. Therefore you should go for this app if you wish to get rid of this trouble.

Hide Blue Tick

This is another most important feature of this WhatsApp Plus Apk. You will be astonished to hear that you can also hide the blue tick even after reading a text.

 In this way, you will read any person’s text without knowing him to know about your presence. And the other person will take consider it that you have not read the text. From this, you will get rid of the most annoying and irritating people around you. Moreover, you can also protect yourself from those fake people. 

You will only have to click on the hide blue tick option. This feature will be a new experience for most of the users because it is also an asset of this app only. You will not find it in the official version of WhatsApp. 

Dark Theme

People are modifying them according to the time. It was past when people were bound to only use the provided theme. It comprised of whether light or dark theme. But now this boundness has come to a hurdle. 

All this became possible by WhatsApp Plus Apk. therefore you should go for a version that could offer you the facility to change the theme. In this app, you can modify your WhatsApp to a dark theme. This feature is loaded inside the app because this is the most appreciated feature of these days. 

The reason behind this is that the people got drilled off the ordinary light theme. Therefore they were in search of a theme that could get rid of that ordinary light theme. 

Numerous Emoticons

WhatsApp Plus Apk has many advanced and enhanced emoticons inside it. Because the original WhatsApp has only a limited number of these emoticons. These emoticons have gained high popularity nowadays. 

The reason behind this factor is that we use them frequently while communicating with our friends or with any person. These emoticons make our message clear as compared to without an emoticon. Therefore to make our message clear to the receiver we frequently use them while communicating with someone. 

Therefore you should get enter this app if you wish to avail of all of these emoticons. Moreover, these emoticons offer a pleasing look to our message. 

Modified Fie Sharing Feature

The sending of files of a greater size has become routine for all of us. Because we often send the videos or documents to each other which are of greater size. But the original WhatsApp only permits the sharing of files with 16 MB. 

This thing makes us stressed because we are unable to send a file with a size of more than 16 MB. it was the demand of lots of people to develop any apps which could make them able to share larger files. WhatsApp Plus Apk offers you the feature to share files of 50 MB. 

This modified file-sharing option is absent in the original WhatsApp. In this way, you will become able to send videos and files of very large sizes.

Hide Double Tick

The most common known feature of the original WhatsApp is that you can sight any person sitting online. You make this hypothesis by seeing the double tick at the base of the message. 

This feature was made for the convenience of people but many people made it irritating. This is in the way that if someone message you and a double tick appear. But you won’t see that message this makes the person angry. He claims that you have ignored his message. To get rid of this trouble you can hide the double tick from the message.

 In this way, he will not come to know that you have received his message. This is the most convenient feature of this wonderful app which is specifically designed for your convenience.

WhatsApp Cleaner

After entering into WhatsApp, you communicate with lots of people. Also, you are added to many groups by someone. Therefore many junk files, videos and photos are saved on your device. This makes your device’s performance lazy. 

You will not find any specific type of cleaner which can clean the junk files. But here you will be facilitated with the WhatsApp cleaner which will eradicate all of the junk files and duplicate photos and videos. This feature is very special and essential for most WhatsApp users. 

This feature will not only eradicate the junk from your device but also makes reduce your headache of this junk. Your one tap will be required to clean all of the junk. Moreover, you will also be able to remove all of the unnecessary chats from your device.

Recording Status

There are always several people on our contact list to whom we don’t want to show our status. Because they become the reason for trouble for us in many ways. Therefore to get rid of this problem WhatsApp Plus Apk offers you a great feature.

 From this feature, you will be able to hide your recording status from many people. This is also a modified feature that is only part of this app. Therefore you will not find this feature in any other app except this. 

In this way, you will get rid of those irritating people in your friendliest. To whom you don’t want to show your status. This feature will be very special for most people because it also provides you with specific privacy. 

Auto Reply

This feature is the only asset of the WhatsApp Business Accounts but WhatsApp Plus Apk has come up with this feature. The purpose of this feature is to facilitate our users. Because we don’t want to leave our users alone for a single thing also. 

After viewing this feature you will set this feature for specific persons. This auto-reply feature is very astonishing for several people which are using the advanced features of WhatsApp. Therefore you should go for only the app so that you will get this feature with other incredible features of this app. 

In this way, you will not have to search for any other app for this feature. Because this feature will also be located with several other features of the apps.

Unlimited Wallpapers

This is another awesome feature of this WhatsApp Plus Apk. in this way you will have access to limitless wallpapers. These wallpapers will be very decent and incredible. These wallpapers will be very distinct from that the ordinary ones present in the original WhatsApp. 

These wallpapers will not only relish your mind but also cast a healthy look on your eyes. Therefore you should go only for this app if you wish to relish these wallpapers. These wallpapers will be of greater quality and a variation will be found in these wallpapers. 

They will be unlimited in number so that a person of every taste can avail of it. Therefore anyone can easily find the wallpapers of his choice. 

How does WhatsApp Plus Apk work?

WhatsApp Plus Apk offers a very simple and uncomplicated method of use. You will view many of the essential keys and options after entering into the app. The only thing which will be required will be how you use them properly. You will see all of the information at the interface of the app. 

Such as if you desire to visit the status you will move to that part. Moreover, if you will wish to make the setting in the customization options you will move to the setting portion.

Reaching this you will perform all of the settings related to the specific thing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get rid of the ban danger from the official version of WhatsApp?

If you desire to use the original WhatsApp along with this WhatsApp Plus Apk then you should download this app. Because the Apk file will save this app from the ban of original WhatsApp.

Can I have to move any Business Account to use the auto-reply feature?

No, you will find this auto-reply feature in this WhatsApp Plus Apk.

Can I hide the double tick using this app?

Surely you can hide the double tick with the help of this app.

Can I use GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus app on the same device?

No, to be able to use WhatsApp, you must first Uninstall GBWhatsapp. However, the Parallel Space App may be downloaded instead. This program allows you to run two programs on the same phone at the same time. You will also be able to utilize the Official Whatsapp App using this software.

Final Words

Dozens of communication apps are present on the internet. All of them claim to be the best for users but no one fulfills all of the demands. But WhatsApp Plus Apk is a very distinctive app from all of the other apps. It is equipped with all of the essential features required by the users. 

The reason behind the popularity of this app is also its marvelous features. These features are only assets of WhatsApp Plus Apk so you will never find them in any other app. Therefore it is recommended to only download WhatsApp Plus Apk.  

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