Download WhatsApp PLUS Holo APK v3.17 (Official Latest 2023)

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WhatsApp Plus Holo
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WA Mods
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4.4 and up
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Updated on
October 2, 2023

People from every corner of the world are connected with the whole world. The mean between all of them is communication apps. WhatsApp is at the top of those communication apps. Because WhatsApp is the most appreciated and widely used app all around the world. 

Therefore it is considered the most successful and widely used app throughout the globe. The success of WhatsApp can be estimated from the number of downloads which is in billions. Several mods of WhatsApp are also launched in the market to make the performance of WhatsApp the best.

For this purpose, many developers have developed their mods. But to select which of the mod is still a disturbing question for several people. 

But here in this article, we introduce you to one of the most successful apps. This app is known as WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK. Therefore you should pay a keen interest in reading this article. This app is loaded with many new advanced but thrilling features.

These features are thrilling in the way that all of the demands of the users are fulfilled in this app. Therefore you should engage in this app if you wish to avail yourself of all of your desired features. 

Download WhatsApp Plus Holo APK

WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK is one of the most eccentric mods of the original WhatsApp. This mod is eccentric in the way that it is loaded with dozens of surprising features. These features are the assets of only this mod because you will find and experience them in any other mod. 

WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK is specifically designed by keeping in view all of the requirements of the users. This is an advanced era, therefore everyone wishes to avail themselves of the advanced features. Unlimited themes, customizations, added emojis and stickers, and anti-ban are the particular features of this app. 

Moreover many other features such as convenient and smooth use and advanced interface features will accompany you. In this way, you will explore a very discrete experience which is the property of this app.

This app will make certain that you are enjoying all of its features by do not create any single hurdle. Once entered into this app you will go for any other communication app.

 Because all of your demands will be fulfilled in this app. We can also say that you will get a compact form of features in a single app so that you may enjoy them. All of these features are very advanced and modified in nature to offer maximum entertainment.

Most Features of WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK

WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK is a compact form with many advanced features. These features are incredible and modified in nature. And these features are free of cost so you don’t have to pay any money for them. 


The customization setting is a particular feature of this app. Customization is needed wherever improvement is needed. Therefore you are also provided with the customization feature of this app.

 In this way, you get rid of that ordinary interface offered to you in the original WhatsApp. But now you can cast aside from this problem because you can alter the interface according to your own desire. 

In this manner, you will modify the interface of this app which will be very discrete from earlier. The altered interface creates a distinct interface that will prove to be a source of fun. 

Transfer Large Sized files

We all know that we can send videos, photos, and documents through the original WhatsApp. But there is a problem with this feature and this is the restriction that we face with WhatsApp. 

This restriction is comprised of the limit on the size of the transferable data. For example, there is some sort of limit on videos and photos above that we cannot transfer. Rather it bounds us to send the heavier files in many parts, which disturbs the original size. But now from WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK, you can swiftly share the heavier files within one click. 

You will get rid of the problem of dividing the files into many parts. This was the highly demanded feature by the users which is offered only in this app.

Send Videos And Photos With the Original Size

It is often observed by almost all of us that we cannot send videos or photos in their original size. Rather the quality of the videos and photos is disturbed in this process. And as a result, the receiver does not get the videos or photos in their original resolution. But now you don’t have to face any problems regarding this.

 Because now you will be able to send the videos and photos with their original resolution. The resolution and quality of videos and photos are not disturbed in this app. In this way, you will be able to send the original videos and photos in their original form to any of your beloved people. This feature is highly appreciated by our users because they for searching for a very long time for this feature. 

Distinct Themes

Hundreds of themes are offered in WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK. You will find a great variation in these themes. The purpose of offering the variation is to match these themes with the distinct taste of distinct people. 

Therefore all of the people can get avail from this feature. Because they will find the theme according to their desire in these unlimited themes. While in the original WhatsApp, you are restricted to only using some of the offered themes. Other than those themes you will not be able to any other theme.

 In this way, many people do not find the theme of their wish. These themes are also of very high quality which will surely entertain all of our users. 

Alter Fonts

In the original WhatsApp, you have to follow only provided pattern. You cannot make any alteration in that specific pattern. Moreover, it is also found to be disturbing for aged people because they cannot see small-sized words. But in this app, you will be astonished to know that you can alter the size of the fonts also.

 In this way, a person of every age can easily set the font according to his eyesight. Person of every age will be able to set the font size for example aged people can increase the font size. Because aged people can only see words of larger size. Moreover, the alteration of fonts will offer a distinct experience that will be full of fun and entertainment.

Available In Several Languages

WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK is the most advanced app which is available for people of distinct languages. In this way, you don’t have to only install in the English language. Or you don’t have to learn this language for this app. Because now this app is available in many other languages. 

This feature is introduced just for the convenience of our users belonging to distinct languages. These languages will be convenient for users because every one of us is well familiar with his language. WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK is offered in several languages such as Italian, Dutch, and Brazilian. 

How WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK Works?

WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK offers a very simple and convenient process to use this app. Once you entered this app you will first catch sight of the conversation sections. The status section will be accessible nearby which can be reached within a single touch.

Moreover, you will also see all of your contacts using WhatsApp on the nearby section available near the status section. 

Moreover, you will select any of your contact from this contact list and message to anyone conveniently. But if you will wish to perform a customization setting then you will visit the customization option.

But in the case of doing setting, you will be referred to visit the setting blog. From this floor, you will be able to do any kind of setting. You will also view many features in this section and make settings according to your wish. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I freeze my last seen in this app?

In WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK, you will have to visit the setting blog and enable the hide last seen option. After enabling this option no one will be able to see your last seen status.

Can I alter the conversation interface in this app?

Surely you can also alter the conversation interface in this app. In this way, you will be able to select the theme matching your taste.

Can I send the heavy file data to one of my friends?

Surely you can send the files with a larger size to any of your friends. 

Wrapping Up

The basic purpose of writing this article is to introduce you to one of the most wonderful apps. This app is renowned all over the world due to its incredible features. These features are very advanced and modified and do not present in any other app. 

Rather you will get access to all of these features without paying any money for this. In this way, you will get lots of fun without paying any real money for this.

These features are very distinct in nature because they are not accessible in the original WhatsApp. Therefore it is recommended to only download and install this WhatsApp Plus Hollow APK.  

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