WhatsApp Mix APK v11.00.0 Download 2023 [Anti-Ban]

File Name
WhatsApp Mix
Package Name
WhatsApp LLC
Compatible with
4.4 and up
46 MB
MOD Features
Extra Features/ Anti-Ban
Updated on
July 27, 2023

Technology has made huge advancements in the field of communication. These advancements have developed lots of communication apps that are very convenient for us. The top position, WhatsApp lies, and this position is maintained for several years. 

WhatsApp is the most convenient and simple app used worldwide for communication. You cannot only send messages but also call anyone. Moreover, you can also make audio calls to anyone you like. Furthermore, if you are wishing to see him on your device you can also make a video call to him. Sending voice notes is an additional feature of this app.

But still many users think that it needs to be modified. For this purpose, several mods are launched and offered to the users. These mods claim that they contain many new features. But WhatsApp Mix APK is the most prominent app containing all of the desired features of the users. 

Therefore it has also gained huge popularity within a very short period. It is loaded with numerous advanced and wonderful features which only lie in this app. Therefore all of the users seeking any advanced communication app must try this app. We are sure that this app will not disappoint you.

About WhatsApp MiX APK

WhatsApp Mix is one of the eccentric mods of WhatsApp. It is the most advanced and highly modified mod of WhatsApp equipped with many new features. An APK file is also attached to this mod which will save it from being banned from the original WhatsApp. In this way, the features are enhanced through this APK. 

Moreover, you will not face the risk of being banned from the original WhatsApp. Therefore this app is very delicate in nature so all of you can avail yourself of the features of this app. Numerous advanced features are included which only lie in this app because no other app will offer such features.

Anti-ban shield, freeze last seen, new privacy mods, and unlimited themes are the particular features of this app. Moreover, you can also link to a theme server to download new ones and can send more than 90 photos in a single turn. Several other features are also accessible in this app which can be explored after downloading this app. Therefore all of the users who seek an advanced and wonderful app should try this app. We are certain that you will get maximum fun by using this awesome app. You will also recommend this app to your beloved ones after using it. 

Stunning Features of Whatsapp Mix

WhatsApp Mix APK is the best platform to explore many advanced features which the original WhatsApp lacks. This app offers dozens of surprising features but the most particular ones are enlisted below.

Anti-ban shield

It happens with many people that if they have downloaded a mod version they are banned by the original WhatsApp. Therefore people consider it a risk because they also lose their data after the ban from WhatsApp. But now you don’t have to worry about this because we are providing you with a shield. 

In WhatsApp Mix APK you will be saved from the ban of WhatsApp. Because you will not be banned by the officials of WhatsApp because the APK file will shield you from this ban. Therefore you are provided with the opportunity to use the features of this app without any risk. We are certain that many people will be captivated by this app by hearing about this wonderful feature.

Hide Your Last Seen

It often happens that people can see our last seen and it becomes an irritating factor. Because many issues arise from this. For example, if anyone messages you and you see it but immediately you have to go out for work. And off your connection, the person who has texted you finds it insulting for him. 

This is the way that you have not replied to his message. But he is ignorant of reality. But now from this wonderful app, you don’t have to worry about it. Because you can now hide your last seen from your contacts. In this manner, they will not be able to view your last seen. And you will get rid of this disturbing factor. 

Hide Chats

Most of us have several conversations with our beloved ones. Therefore we wish to keep them hidden from everyone. Because we don’t wish anyone should know about them. But in the official WhatsApp, you cannot hide these chats. But now in WhatsApp Mix Apk, you are offered the facility to hide the chat. You cannot only hide a single chat but also can hide several chats. In this way, no one will know about your personal chats with anyone.

 All of the people searching for this type of feature should go into this app. Because this app is the only platform that will fulfill their demand regarding hiding chats.

Download Status

In the original WhatsApp, it also happens that when we say anyone’s status we wish to download it. But we cannot do it unless we have to download any status downloader. But this activity needs a stable internet connection and space in our device. But now you are offered the opportunity to download anyone’s status. 

Moreover, you will be amazed to know that you will not have to download any status downloader app. Because in WhatsApp Mix APK you can download any one status on the spot. You will not have to go into another app to download the status. Isn’t it an amazing feature?

Link To A Theme Server To Download New Ones

Almost all of us get bored with the ordinary look of the original WhatsApp. Because we have to bear these themes which make us bored. Because we cannot have access to the new themes. But in WhatsApp Mix APK you will set the theme of your desire. This is made possible by linking to a theme server to download new ones. 

In this way, you will be able to set up any of the themes and can download any new theme. Therefore you should go for this feature if you wish to see new themes. You will link to a download server, view many themes, and you can also download it. Furthermore, you can also apply it in this app. 

Modify the style of checks and chat bubbles

In WhatsApp Mix APK you will be amazed that you can also modify the style of checks and chat bubbles. You can set the style of chat bubbles according to your own wish. Therefore you should go only for this app if you want to perform this activity.

 This feature is not available in the original WhatsApp therefore you are bound to view chat bubbles and styles. But now you are not bound to view that ordinary style but you will be able to set it according to you. This feature is a very advanced feature that will offer you a distinct experience and entertainment. it is suggested that you should go for this app if you are interested in this type of activity.

How Does WhatsApp Mix APK Work?

WhatsApp Mix APK offers a very convenient and uncomplicated way of use. You will view very simple and easy keys and options. Once entered into this app you will first observe the chat interface. The status portion will be located near this section. And then another blog is also situated near the status blog where you will see all of your contacts using WhatsApp. But if you wish to visit the customization setting you will jump to that section. 

Moreover, all of the settings related to this app can be done by visiting the setting section. In this section, you will enable and disable several options according to your desire. After reading all of this you will also be thinking about how convenient and easy this app is.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I change the chat bubble in this app?

To alter the chat bubble you must visit the setting. Here you will see the option related to this, and from this you can easily do what you want.

How much do I have to pay for WhatsApp Mix APK?

You don’t have to pay any money for WhatsApp Mix because it is totally free for all users. Moreover, it does not offer any of the paid features.

How can I get rid of the ban from the original WhatsApp?

You don’t have to worry about this problem because you will not be banned from WhatsApp. This is due to the anti-ban feature which is included in this app.

Final Verdict

In the list of several mods of WhatsApp selecting which type of mod is still a very important question. You don’t have to worry about this question because we have found the best solution for this. WhatsApp Mix APK is the answer to your question because it is the most distinct app from others. 

We are suggesting this app because of the unlimited features offered in this app. We know about the requirements of users therefore this app will be best for you.

This will surely possess all of your demands related to the features in a single version. In this way, WhatsApp Mix APK is the best platform for you to avail yourself of all of your demanded features. 

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