Whatsapp Indigo APK Download v5.60 Official 2023 (Updated)

File Name
WhatsApp Indigo
Package Name
WhatsApp LLC
Compatible with
4.4 and up
32 MB
MOD Features
Updated on
February 13, 2023

WhatsApp is the most successful app with 5 billion downloads all over the world. Several mods of WhatsApp are also created just to enhance the features of this wonderful app. But WhatsApp Indigo APK is the most eccentric mod of WhatsApp. Because it is fully equipped with lots of modern features which are totally new to the users. 

WhatsApp Indigo APK is a magnificent app for commemorating talks and sending and receiving messages. This will surely enhance new abilities and leave a good impression on new users. It is the reason why WhatsApp Indigo APK has got huge popularity with a huge number of downloads. 

This app has extended our abilities to the point of any other app does not even think. Therefore lots of people prefer to use this fascinating app for communication purpose. In this way, you get a fascinating app for your communication purpose.

In addition, you will get a magnificent app for fun and entertainment. Because you will be able to not only see and download the status but also can download. Group chat with unlimited people and unlimited themes will accompany you in this journey of fun. 

Download WhatsApp Indigo APK 

WhatsApp Indigo APK is the most astounding and highly modified app that originated from the original WhatsApp. It has many advanced features which will not be explored in any other mod of WhatsApp. In this way, it is very different from other mods of WhatsApp. Due to its wonderful features, it is highly recommended by lots of people.

Therefore the number of downloads is increasing day by day. WhatsApp Indigo APK offers the best floor of hiding your identity to apace with covering up the field visits. The requirement to compose, record, and hide blue ticks and hiding double ticks high spots is also current. 

Moreover, In WhatsApp Indigo APK the photos sent to any person do not lose their resolution. This is because all of the photos and videos sent to your contacts remain in their original form. Because their resolution is not lessened by this WhatsApp.

Moreover, the quality of your files is not affected by this app. A replaced style of the visit is also made in this app. Many other additional features are also offered in this app which will be new for users. This app is very discrete from all other mods of WhatsApp due to its surprising features. In this way, you don’t have to go for any other app for these features. 

Main Features Of WhatsApp Indigo APK

Set Doodle Images

In original WhatsApp, you are restricted to only using certain provided features. No other additional feature is added in that original version therefore the users get bored with this. But in this WhatsApp Indigo APK, many surprising features are waiting for you. In this Whatsapp Indigo APK, you can set the doodle image. 

This doodle image will be a very discrete experience for you. In this way, you will get a very distinct experience by viewing a revitalizing site on your WhatsApp. 

Shroud Online Standing

This is another surprising feature of this WhatsApp indigo apk. This will also surely be an astounding feature for many users because it will provide a distinct experience. It will provide this to several users using it for the very first time. Therefore they will find it an advanced feature with an essential base for themselves. 

Conceal Blue Ticks

The original Whatsapp launched this feature for the convenience of users. But many people have altered it to an irritating thing. But now this feature will not be irritating anymore. Because now you can conceal these blue ticks from any contact. 

Now you can conceal the blue ticks in this way no one will know that you have read his message. Therefore now you will get rid of this irritating thing that often happens to almost all of us. In this way, people have got a feature in WhatsApp Indigo APK for what they were searching for for a very long time. 

Cover Up Archived Messages

The feature of archived messages is offered by the original WhatsApp app. From this, you can hide your chat from anyone and hidden chat will be placed in archives. But this is not the perfect security to protect your chats from others. Because many people know about this feature therefore they can also open archived messages.

 But now in this app, you can also add a cover to these archived chats. In this way, no one will be able to open your hidden chats because they will not find the archive option on the app home screen. 

Send Photos And Videos With High Resolution

We always face huge trouble from the original WhatsApp while sending videos and photos. This trouble comprises the resolution of the photos and videos. In other words, we can say that the quality of photos and videos is disturbed when sent to others. And the receiver is unable to receive the original photos and videos. But now from this app, you can send your photos and videos with their original quality. Because the quality of your data will remain the same as it has in the original. And the receiver will receive the data in its original form.

Send Documents With More Than 72MB

Another irritating thing that faces while using the original WhatsApp is the sending of heavy files. Because in the original version, we are unable to send the files with a huge size at one time. 

Rather we have to divide it into many parts in order to send it to another person. But from this app, you will be able to send files with more than 72MB. This size is quite a great size and we hope that you will not have to go for another try. This feature was also highly demanded by WhatsApp users but this app has made it possible. 

Remove All Inactive Emojis

In WhatsApp Indigo APK you can also remove the inactive used emojis from your WhatsApp. In this way, you will clear a huge space occupied by these emojis. There are hundreds of emojis that we have used and they become useless to us. Now you have got the opportunity to remove these emojis from your device. 

In this manner, they will no longer remain on our WhatsApp. Rather we can add many new advanced emojis to our WhatsApp through this app. Because hundreds of new emojis are offered in this that are waiting for our response. We are optimistic that you will get a surprising experience of chatting with this awesome app.

Add 300 People In A Group

In the original WhatsApp, you are bound to only add some people to your group. In this way, many of your friends remain out of that group. In this way, you have to make another group for them. But to operate both of the groups is a disturbing activity. But in WhatsApp Indigo APK, you don’t have to worry about this.

 Because now you will be able to add 300 people in a single group. We are sure that this number will fulfill your demand and all of your friends will be in a single group. Therefore we have offered a very large limit to add a maximum number of friends in a single group. This group will act as the best platform where 300 people are linked with each other. 

How Does WhatsApp Indigo APK Work?

WhatsApp Indigo APK offers a very simple and uncomplicated method to use it. If you are familiar with the use of original WhatsApp then you will not face any difficulty. Because the use of both of these versions is almost similar to one another. But slight changes are there. After entering this app you will be taken to the conversation interface. 

Near to it will lie the status section and to it will lie the list of your contacts using WhatsApp. You will visit each section at an appropriate time whenever needed. Moreover, for customization and setting, you will have to go into the setting section. Here you will be unbound to make all of the settings according to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I add more than 300 people to a group?

No, you cannot add a single member after exceeding the number of 300. Because the group will be full and it will not allow you to add more.

Can I chat with all of the members of a group?

Surely you can chat with all of the members of a group. You will not even miss the message of a single member, rather you can communicate with all.

From where I can download the status of anyone?

You have to open the status that you want to download. After opening you will view a download option at the one end of your device screen tap on it and save it.

Final Verdict

Whatsapp Indigo APK is the most prominent mod of WhatsApp. The purpose of this app is to introduce you to all of the features which the original app lacks. Therefore several new advanced features are added to this app just to fulfill the demands of users. We have strived hard to introduce you to all of the features this app holds.

 But still, we are not sure because we think that many features are not discussed here. But if you want to explore and experience all of its features then you should download and install WhatsApp Indigo APK.

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