Download WAPWhatsApp APK v16 ( Official ) Latest Version 2023

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WhatsApp LLC
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4.4 and up
40.6 MB
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Updated on
February 13, 2023

Only a few people will be in this world who will be ignorant of the usage and benefits of WhatsApp. Many people in this world acknowledge the benefits of WhatsApp. This is the reason that this app has made communication very easy and convenient. Therefore many people use this app for communication and fun. 

With the passage of time, several mods of WhatsApp are also launched. The purpose of these mods will be to introduce many new exciting features which are not present in the original WhatsApp. 

About WAPWhatsApp APK

These mods offer several exciting and entertaining features which offer a discrete experience. WAPWhatsApp APK is the most prominent mod among these mods. WAPWhatsApp is one of the most fascinating mods however its creation did not depend on the firm version.

But on the gamble modifications were openly revealed by the North American Organization. Therefore it takes advantage of particular functions that don’t coax to being executed. 

In this way, this mod has become one of the most popular mods of WhatsApp. And the popularity and number of downloads of this mod are increasing day by day. Almost all of the highly demanded features by the users are offered in this wonderful app.

In this way, the users will be able to explore their desired features along with numerous advanced features. These features provide a very discrete experience and fun for all of the users. 

Features Of WAPWhatsApp

Although several modes of WhatsApp offer many features which are new to the users. But this WAPWhatsApp APK will offer very discrete features from all of these mods. This app is equipped with numerous features but the most prominent features are enlisted below.

Broadened Privacy Features

The most important feature in a communication app is its privacy feature. Users prefer the version which has specific privacy features. Therefore WAPWhatsApp is also offering broadened privacy features. From this feature, the users will hide time and data while copying messages. This feature was highly demanded by the users but no other app except WAPWhatsApp has offered this. 

Customize Your Status

This is another distinguishing feature of this wonderful app that makes it distinct from all other apps. From this feature, you will customize the size, length and quality of your status. In this way, you will perform the necessary setting regarding the status that you will be willing to upload. This feature is also the property of WAPWhatsApp APK only.

Alter the limit of sharing photos and videos

In the original WhatsApp, you were restricted to only choosing and sending a specific number of photos. But now in this app, you can alter the limit by selecting the number to your desire. Moreover, you can also send lots of videos in a single click, here you will not face any limitations. 

Send Photos And Videos In Original Form

It always happens to us that when sending photos and videos to anyone, their quality is disturbed. And the receiver receives low-quality photos and videos. Therefore it became disturbing for many people but now we are providing the solution to this trouble. From this app, you can send photos and videos of original size and quality to anyone. Because the quality and size are not disturbed while sending.

Send large Sized Files

When we want to send large-size files to anyone the original WhatsApp restricts us from this. Because at that time we are exceeding the limit offered in WhatsApp. This became trouble for many people but now it will end with this app. Because of this app users will be able to send large-sized files with a single click. You can easily send and receive very large-sized files from this app without facing a single hurdle. 

No Ads

Ads are the most annoying thing that we face while using any app. These ads will not only become a source of irritation but also distract us from our work. But now you don’t have to face such a thing. Because you will not face any single ad after entering this app. This app offers an ads-free experience to all of its users. 

How Does WAPWhatsApp Works?

WAPWhatsApp offers a very simple and painless method to use this app. After entering into the app you will view the chat interface, near it will lie the status blog. If you want to view anyone’s status you will move to the nearby status section.

You will also find all of your contacts using WhatsApp, from here you can select and message to anyone. To view the setting options you will have to visit the setting blog.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs

Can I send a large-sized file with this app?

Surely you can send large-sized files from this WAPWhatsApp. You are not bound to only send very small-sized data to anyone as it is in the original WhatsApp.

Which settings I can perform before uploading any status?

You can customize the size, length and quality of status before uploading it. In this way, you will be able to make settings before uploading to it on your status section.

How can I enable and disable setting options in this app?

To enable and disable setting options you have to visit the setting section. After moving to the setting option you will enable and disable several setting options here. 


Wapwhatsapp is the most eccentric mod among other mods of WhatsApp. It is equipped with the most advanced features that will definitely offer a discrete and wonderful experience to its users. 

We have tried our best to elaborate on all of the features of this awesome app. But still, we are unsure that we have covered all of the aspects of this app.

Because it is very tough to describe all of the features of this app in this single article. Therefore if you want to explore all of the aspects of this awesome app then you must download this app. 

After entering into this app you will explore a very discrete experience of communication along with unlimited fun. You will get maximum fun from the status section and chat with your beloved ones.  

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