WAMOD APK (V2.0 Alpha 15) Official Latest 2023

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4.4 and up
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Updated on
February 13, 2023

WAMOD APK is the most advanced and modified communication app. This is basically one of the most popular mods of WhatsApp. This is an entirely distinct mod as compared to the famous modified apps called GB WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp. But the only defect is that you cannot receive many of the features that they offer. 

This app resembles those popular mods of WhatsApp but is still distinct from them with respect to its advanced features. In this way, we can say that this is an awesome app offering several features that will amaze you. 

About WAMOD APK 2023

Primarily WAMOD APK is created by Bria Valente. If you don’t know him as such you can easily find him on Twitter. Generally, it is an IOS pattern WhatsApp Mod. This app will be perfect for all those people who wish to try IOS WhatsApp on their android devices. Anti-expiry, animations on the navigation bar, and similarity to a shade of the icons of status bar are its eccentric features. 

Numerous other features accompany you in this adventure of fun. These are offered with the purpose to provide unlimited amusement through this wonderful app. 

Anti-ban support calls and privacy mods are additional features of this awesome app. After entering into this app you will surely forget all other mods of WhatsApp. This is because you will get all of your desired features in this app. Moreover, you will also get unlimited features that will be totally new to you. You have not even imagined to avail of those features. 

This app captivates its users through its charming features. Therefore after getting into this game, you will not go for any other mod of WhatsApp. 

Features Of WAMOD APK

WAMOD APK is loaded with hundreds of features. It will be a very difficult task to explain each of the features. But the most prominent ones are enlisted below.

Anti-ban Feature

After installing any mod of WhatsApp the users have the risk of ban from the original WhatsApp. This is quite a stressful thing that leads users to lose their data. But from this WAMOD APK, the users will not have to face this risk. Because you will not be banned anyway. 

The reason behind this is the APK file that will support the anti-ban feature of anti-ban. In this way, you will not be banned from the original WhatsApp. This feature has made the life of many people easy because they are using this app without any risk. The data lost during the ban from WhatsApp will not happen anymore because of this feature.

Freeze Your Last Seen

Several features offered on WhatsApp were introduced for the convenience of users. But we humans have made them irritating for us. The most common examples are last seen and typing status. 

The people who see us sitting online use to message us, if we don’t see or reply, he begins to call repeatedly? Don’t you think it is an annoying activity? Surely, it is an irritating activity. 

But now you can hide your last seen from everyone, and no one will be able to see your online status. From this feature, you will get rid of those annoying people.

Message Scheduler 

Gone were the days when you had to wait for a specific time to message anyone. Because now the message schedule feature is introduced by this app. From this feature, you will be able to send any message to anyone by selecting the appropriate time and date. 

And you will have to don’t worry again because this app will send your message to that person at a specific time and date. This feature is a very advanced feature and is totally new for users. The aim of this feature is to introduce our users to advanced features. 

Hide Chats 

There are always certain contacts whose chat we keep in our privacy. In other words, we can say that we don’t let anyone read or see that chats. But we are unable to conceal them while using the original WhatsApp. 

But now this app has offered another surprising feature related to your privacy. From this feature now you can easily hide anyone’s chat by using pattern lock. In this way, no one will be able to see or read that chat because you will have to secure it with this feature.

Send Message or Call To Unknown Numbers

This is also an advanced and totally new feature, from this you will send a message or make calls to anyone. And this will be an amazing feature for many people who don’t like to save anyone’s number. 

Firstly we had to save the number of anyone to whom we want to communicate. But now you will be able to message anyone without saving his number on our device. This is also a very appreciated feature by our users. And they have expressed their appreciation through their reviews.

Some Additional Features

  • Supports calls
  • Themes mods
  • Translate message in several languages
  • Download status
  • Change ticks color/bubble style
  • Send video Of 50MB 
  • 17 Ticks And 13 bubbles pattern
  • Send 90 Photos at once
  • Download Themes

How does WAMOD APK Works?

WAMOD APK offers very simple and easy use. If you are familiar with the use of the original WhatsApp then you will not face any difficulty. Because there is no such difference as compared with original WhatsApp but slight changes occur. Therefore you will cope with them after using this app repeatedly.

 After getting in into WAMOD APK you will view the chat interface, near it will be located the status section. And near it, you will find all of your contacts using WhatsApp. For making changes and customization you will have to visit the setting section. Here you’ll be totally free to make alterations according to your wish.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I message anyone without saving his number?

Surely you can send messages to anyone without saving his number on your device.

How does the message scheduler work in this app?

The message scheduler works with the time and date. You will select the date and time and the message will be sent to him at a specific date and time. 

Final Verdict

WAMOD APK is the most prominent app having all of the eccentric features. These features are very advanced and surprising in nature and totally new for users. We have strived to elaborate as much as we could about this app. But still, the insularity about this says to recommend you WAMOD APK so that you may explore all of them. 

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