GTA San Andreas APK v2.10 (MOD + OBB) Latest 2023

File Name
GTA San Andreas
Compatible with
4.4 and up
MOD Features
Unlimited Money
Updated on
July 27, 2023

GTA San Andreas MOD APK: How many people are looking for a GTA series? Of course, most people like the action game and want to help them. GTA San Andreas is the most popular series, and millions of people play this game every day. Grand Theft of Auto is a series of action games. This post will discuss the GTA San Andreas MOD APK version.

GTA San Andreas APK is one of the most popular games on Android. It’s an open-world game where you can do anything you want. There are many missions to complete and side quests to do. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is exciting. You can also mod the game to make it even more fun.

GTA San Andreas Plot

The game’s short story starts when Carl johnson leaves his hometown Genton due to his brother’s sweetness. Sweet is the gang leader, and CJ took him behind his younger brother’s death. CJ is fed up with these killings, corruption, drugs, and weapons. He decided to move to another city, living in Liberty City

After five years, he hears about the murders of his mother. He comes back to the mother’s burial. The two cops arrested him at the airport, and they ask him to perform an illegal task; otherwise, they charge him with a fake case. He wants to revenge for his mother’s murders. Also, he wants to help the people in the corrupted era. 

After his mother’s burial, he joins the gang of his brother and childhood friends. In short, he revealed his mother’s death.


The game offers a single-player (CJ) based on the third party and adds fantastic features. The player explores the world with bare feet or uses trucks, cars, buses, helicopters, and many more. The game offers the players many abilities swimming, climbing on the wall, and everything they want.

gta sandares features

But in a mission base story, you can’t change anything because the missions are locked, and you have to move with the game performance. The gameplay of GTA San Andreas is easy and impressive.

Features of GTA San Andreas

The game offers unlimited stunning features that all GTA lovers are waiting for. Here some parts are listed below:

  • Many mini-games are available: Players can play the different mini-games.
  • Change Games: Players can generate unlimited cash through these games.
  • New Vehicles: In this Mod, new vehicles are added, harvesting vehicles, tow trucks, and jets.
  • New skills and abilities: New abilities are added to this game. These skills are swimming underwater, jumping, and climbing on the walls.
  • Improve health system: In this MOD, the health system is improved compared to the previous version. So many feeds are required to live. This is the necessary feature of GTA San Andreas Apk.
  • Customization: Car customization options are also available. The player can customize their vehicles as they want. The developer offers as many options as GTA lovers wish.
  • Customization of character: The player has the option to customize their character.
  • Free to download: This Mod is entirely free to download. Even you can play free of cast.
  • Unlimited Money: After installing the game, open the application and resume it with unlimited money.
  • Professional Gym: the gym is added so the player can work out to gain muscles.


GTA San Andreas is the stunning product of the legendary franchise. This is the best game-action game on Android with tons of features. Now, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is also available on iOS. It is available for download on the Appstore with millions of downloads. HD graphics are designed well and are impressive. Graphics play a crucial role in the success of any application. 

The main advantage of the game is that the game’s story is different and impressive attracting the player to play the game. One disadvantage of the game is that its APK file is more prominent in size which requires more space. 

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