GBWhatsApp APK v17.36 Download May 2023 [Anti-Ban]

File Name
GB WhatsApp
Package Name
GB Mods
Compatible with
4.4 and up
57 MB
MOD Features
Anti Ban/ More Features
Updated on
April 27, 2023

GBWhatsapp APK 2023: invention changed the whole world into a global village. After this invention, the creation of the internet was a greater achievement. Which brought human beings closer. 

Furthermore, the creation of many social media apps has changed the whole scenario. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber. But WhatsApp has gained its distinct position among them. And is considered at the top of all of them. GB WhatsApp APK is one of the most advanced forms of WhatsApp.

The basic purpose of the creation of this app was to offer more enhanced features to WhatsApp users. Therefore a new advanced version of WhatsApp was introduced into the market with many advanced features. These features will be very surprising for all WhatsApp users. 

Because they will experience them first in life as they were not available in the original WhatsApp. Anti-ban, anti-delete, hiding status, and hiding blue ticks are the most specific features. The features are first introduced to the market only by this app. 

About GBWhatsApp Pro

GB WhatsApp APK is one of the most advanced and modified versions of the original WhatsApp. First, we should know about the purpose of its creation. The basic purpose of this app is to offer several modified features in WhatsApp which are absent in the original WhatsApp. 

GBWhatsApp Logo

Therefore this app was developed to offer many astonishing and wonderful features. GB WhatsApp works the same as the original WhatsApp but the main difference is its enhanced features. These features include the anti-ban, anti-delete, hiding blue tick, double tick, Online status, and several other features. We are certain that these features will be a new experience for you.  

Although many other modified forms of original WhatsApp are present on the internet. But most of them do not fulfill all of the requirements of the users. Because they lack many features which are only present in this version. 

In this way, you will not have to wander here and there in search of these features. Because our basic purpose is to offer all of these features in a single version. Because we cannot let our users wander at any place in search of these features. 

Therefore if you are willing to explore all of the features in a single version then you should get into this app. We are assured that you will explore all of your desired features in this app. 

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Why use GBWhatsApp instead of official WhatsApp?

There are many reasons to use GBWhatsApp over the official WhatsApp app. Here are some of the most important reasons:

  1. GBWhatsApp has more features than the official WhatsApp app.
  2. GBWhatsApp is faster and more reliable than the official WhatsApp app.
  3. GBWhatsApp is more secure than the official WhatsApp app.
  4. GBWhatsApp is more customizable than the official WhatsApp app.
  5. GBWhatsApp is free and does not require any subscription fees.
  6. GBWhatsApp works on all devices, including Android and iOS devices.
  7. GBWhatsApp is updated more frequently than the official WhatsApp app.
  8. GBWhatsApp is supported by a large community of developers and users.
  9. GBWhatsApp has a more intuitive user interface than the official WhatsApp app.

Features of GBWhatsapp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro APK is created with dozens of advanced features. Which makes your communication easier and more effective. These features are very specific in nature because they are specifically designed for all kinds of users. Following are the magnificent features of this wonderful app

Auto Reply

This is the first important feature of this wonderful app. Although this feature is the property of some business accounts in usually business-related WhatsApp. But here in this app, you will also find this amazing feature. 

This feature has made life easy for many people. Because without this feature the person has to reply to each of the people separately which was a tiring activity. But after the development of this wonderful app, you will get rid of a heavy problem. 

You will get rid of replying separately to every person. Rather when anyone will text you an already written message will be delivered to that person.

DND Mode

DND is the short form of Don’t Disturb Mode. This is also an advanced feature that is highly appreciated by our users. If you are busy doing some work on another app and you are getting irritated by the WhatsApp notifications. 

Then you can go to the setting and can enable this feature. This will permit all of the notifications from appearing on the device screen. In this way, you will not lose interest and hold on to your work effectively. 

After doing your work you will go to the setting and then turn off this option. Now you will be able to get all of the notifications from WhatsApp. 

Text Message Broadcast

In the original WhatsApp, a major problem was faced by lots of people. This problem was related to the delivery of the broadcast messages. The problem occurred just as any of the users tried to send the broadcast message. 

Therefore it became a headache for most people. Therefore people were searching for any app that could save them from this problem. Then this wonderful app was introduced into the market and people started using it. From this app, people are able to send broadcast messages very easily. This app made the life of many people easier compared to the past. Therefore this app became widely used app all over the world. 

Anti-revoke Message

This feature is the most advanced feature of this app. To understand anti-revoke we must first understand the word revoke. The revoke means the deleting of a message while sent to any person mistakenly. 

Or we can say that you do not want to show that message to that person. And the other person becomes unable to read or see your message. But anti-revoke is the opposite of revoke. It means that you will be able to see the deleted message on your device. 

While the sender will be thinking that he has deleted and you cannot see that. But you will see that message along with the tag of deleted message. 

Share Your Live Location

GB WhatsApp APK is full of hundreds of features. One of its most prominent features is the sharing of live location. 

Sometimes you are in a strange place and unable to tell your live location to your friend. At that time you are under great stress. Because you are unfamiliar with your location. GB WhatsApp APK also cares about these types of problems also. If you will face some kind of problem you don’t have to worry anymore.

 Because you can send your live location to your friend and he will soon get access to you. In this way, this app will act as a magical app for you.

Filter Messages

The GB WhatsApp APK is created with the filter messages feature. In this way, the users will be able to filter their messages. Moreover, users can limit these messages. Also, the users will get an option to clear all of the chats with a single click. 

The users will delete their chat while the filter messages will filter the messages. This is also an enhanced feature of WhatsApp. Moreover, it should be noted that this feature is the property of this app. You will not find filter messages in the original WhatsApp app. 

Awesome Effects

When we are willing to send some photos or videos to our beloved ones we often add some effects. We add these effects just to make our photos and videos more captivating. In the original WhatsApp, there are limited numbers of effects. 

Therefore sometimes we are unable to find the effect of our wish. Therefore we feel disappointed with the app. But don’t you have to worry anymore because you will get numerous wonderful effects in GB WhatsApp APK. 

These effects will enhance the beauty of your photos and videos. Therefore you will feel a surprising pleasure from this feature.

Send Maximum Photos

In the original WhatsApp, we are bound to only send 30 photos at one time. If we exceed this number, WhatsApp will not let us perform this activity. Rather it will direct to delete the extra photos. 

At that time we have no option left behind and we have to follow the rule. This also makes us disappointed from the original WhatsApp. But here in GB WhatsApp APK, we can send more than 90 photos at one time. 

This number is quite a huge number and after this, we don’t have any remaining photos to send. Because we can send a huge number of photos at one time. This is also a well-appreciated feature of this app.

Send 50 MB Video And 100 MB Audio Clip

Another more prominent problem faced in the original WhatsApp is related to videos and audio. This problem is primarily concerned with the size of the video and audio clips. Because we cannot send a large size video at one time on the original WhatsApp. 

Therefore we have to split the audio and video clip into several small parts. In this way, it becomes a stressful and time-taking activity. But in this GB WhatsApp APK, you can send the video clip of 50 MB and the Audio clip of 100 MB at one time. In this way, we get rid of the problem related to the size of audio and video clips. 

Unlimited Themes

We have said earlier that this app is the modified version of WhatsApp. Therefore how can it be possible to not add themes in this version?

 In this app numerous themes are present. The purpose of these themes is to get rid of the ordinary theme offered in the app. In this way, you will be able to change the theme according to your desire. 

Moreover, a huge collection of themes are present, which will reflect the taste of many people. In this way, people of distinct tastes will avail of this feature. Because they will be able to find the theme according to their taste.

Some Additional Features Of GB WhatsApp APK

  • Check the History Of Revoked Messages
  • Alter Media Visibility Of A Contact
  • Mark The Unread Messages
  • Select All Chat
  • Hide Your Status
  • Best Image Quality
  • Multiple Languages
  • Get Instant Notification
  • Hide Pop Up Notifications
  • Check The Log History

How Does GB WhatsApp APK Work?

GB WhatsApp APK possesses a very simple and easy method to use it. It is almost similar to that of the original WhatsApp. But specific sections are present which will take you to your desired section. 

After entering this app you will first view the conversation section. Near it will be the status section. Moreover, near it will be your contact list. But if you desire to visit the status portion you will have to leave the conversation section. And then open the status section. 

Furthermore, if you wish to perform any setting then you move to the settings section. Here you will be provided with all of the setting options contained in this app. You will perform the setting according to your wish. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Can I get rid of those annoying WhatsApp notifications while doing any work?

You can get rid of those annoying WhatsApp notifications by tapping on the DND Mode. This mode will save you from that irritation. In this way, you will carry on your work more swiftly.

How can I read any of the deleted messages from my friend?

In GB WhatsApp APK you don’t have to worry about the deleted message. Because you will see and read that deleted message with the help of the anti-revoke feature of this app.

Can I hide even after seeing anyone’s status?

Surely you can hide even after viewing anyone’s status. In this way, you will see his status without knowing him that you have seen. 

Is GBWhatsApp APK developed by WhatsApp company?

No, It’s an unofficial app developed by independent developers, not sponsored by WhatsApp company.

Why GBWhatsApp APK not found in Play Store?

GBWhatsApp APK is developed by a 3rd party developer. Unfortunately, due to copyright and license problems, it isn’t available on PlayStore.

Where can I find more themes?

You can directly download themes from the GBWhatsApp APK themes store server or search online for themes.

Final Verdict

GB WhatsApp APK is one of the most advanced and modified versions of the original WhatsApp. All of the features which the original version lacked are present in this advanced version. 

Therefore you will explore many advanced features that are the assets of GB WhatsApp APK only. These features will make you an amazing world full of thrill and enjoyment. In this way, it will not become a working app but also you will consider it one of the best apps for enjoyment. 

This app will not let you become bored, rather you will enjoy its incredible features. Therefore it is suggested that only Download GB WhatsApp APK. Because the features offered in this app will not be explored in any other WhatsApp. 

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