FMWhatsApp APK v9.52 Download Jan 2023 (Anti-Ban)

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Package Name
FM Mods
Compatible with
4.4 and up
55 MB
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Anti Ban/ More Features
Updated on
February 13, 2023

In this world of technology, it is difficult to find a person who is ignorant of WhatsApp. The reason behind the popularity of this app is its wonderful features. These features were the first one that was introduced to the world for the very first time.

After the official version, many other versions were launched in the digital market. But FM WhatsApp is the most prominent one. 

FM WhatsApp Apk is one of the most discrete and amazing apps in the world of communication. It is a very flexible app so that a person of every age can easily operate it. 

FM WhatsApp Apk is one of the most popular communication apps with millions of active users on its floor. This app comes with many advanced features which are the assets of this app only. In this way, you will not explore these features in any other mode of WhatsApp. Have you ever thought that why many apps approach the apex while some become flop? 

The main reason behind this is customer satisfaction. Several apps fail to achieve customer satisfaction. But the main reason behind the success of this app is customer satisfaction. It can be analyzed with the number of downloads that are in the millions currently. 

About FMWhatsApp APK

FM WhatsApp is one of the most eccentric modes of the world-famous game called WhatsApp. First, we should know about the reason behind its launch. The main reason behind this was to introduce all of the new advanced features.

FMWhatsApp 3

These features were mostly demanded by most people all around the world. Therefore the developer of FM WhatsApp Apk has introduced an app that holds on several advanced features.

The most specific feature of FM WhatsApp includes the anti-ban function. This feature will make you able to use this app along with the Official Whatsapp version on the same device. In this way, you will get the maximum fun by having both of these versions inside a single device.

This app has some great features:

  • Removing forwarded tags
  • Updating the base
  • Dark theme
  • Custom theme
  • Deleting

They will facilitate you in every way to offer you a discrete exciting experience. Many other additional features are also hidden inside. Because it is very difficult to explain all of the features of this wonderful app in a single article.

Therefore we will introduce you to the most highlighted features of this app. We are optimistic that this version will take you to the maximum level of excitement and amusement.   


The main point of this feature is that you can use this version along with the modded version on the same device. The official version will not block this version. 

It is often seen several times that the official version of WhatsApp blocks any of the mods used on the same device. But it will be astonishing for you that the official WhatsApp will not block this FM WhatsApp. 

This feature is made possible only through this FM WhatsApp Apk. because the Apk file will not let the Official WhatsApp ban this version. 

Dark/Light Theme

Both of the themes are offered in this version for the convenience of our users. Because distinct people carry distinct tastes. Therefore some like the light theme while others consider it boring and dull. 

Therefore we have focused on this point and offered both types of themes. So that both types of users will be facilitated through this. The dark theme will be a very distinct and wonderful experience for you.

Custom Theme

A custom theme is also provided in this version so that any of the users can use it easily. It is for this reason that many people in the world do not like dark and light themes. Because they prefer the custom theme used already in the app.

 Therefore you will not be bound to use that light/dark theme. Rather it will totally depend upon you how you will use these features. 

Erase Forwarded Tag in Chats/Media

It is often seen in many modes of WhatsApp that a forwarded tag appears with the forwarded message. This thing appears to be annoying for lots of people. Many people wish to erase that tag. 

So that no one will know that you have delivered a forwarded message to them. Rather it will appear that you have generated that message on your own. This cast a positive impression on the receiver of the message. 

Numerous Stickers And Emojis

In this version, numerous stickers and emojis are offered to the users. These stickers and emojis are in unlimited numbers, you will become tired while viewing all of them. The world has changed with the passage of time. 

Therefore most of us use to chat and communicate with the help of these stickers and emojis. Because both of these reflect our message in a meaningful way to the receiver. And the receiver also gets the meaning of our message very easily. 

Hide View Story

This is one of the most appreciated features of this version. From this feature, your presence will not be shown to the other person in the story seen people. In this way, you will view the story of any person without knowing that you have seen that. 

This is a staggering feature of this app. This feature will be like magic for our users because will protect their identity even after viewing the story.

Anti-Delete Feature

Anti Delete Feature is also one of the most advanced features of this version. We often experience that someone messages us, but as we open the app the message was deleted by him. 

This thing makes us worry about that message and we start to think about that. Will it not be astonishing for you to read that deleted message also? Yes, you have read right you will have access to this feature in this version. 

Hide Delivered And Blue Ticks

We can also hide delivered and blue tick in this awesome app. It has been seen several times that immediate work appears for us while we are chatting with someone. At that time we will have to leave the chat even not telling him about this. 

This causes many troubles for us because the person gets angry about this. But in this FM WhatsApp Apk, you can hide the delivered and blue ticks for messages. 

Hide Typing Activity

You can also hide your typing activity while chatting with a person or in a group. From this feature, no one will know whether you are typing anything or not. Rather your written text will be delivered to the person or in the group suddenly. This is also a highly appreciated feature by our users. 

Additional Features Of FM WhatsApp Apk

  • You can alter the wallpaper on the home and conversation interface
  • Choose underline color
  • Line color among chats 
  • Date color in the main screen
  • Highlight color on the main screen
  • Documents text color 
  • Select the color in the key screen
  • Voice note play button 
  • Call hinderer and white locating key
  • Paired new Beckon
  • Conceal media from the device gallery
  • DND Mode

How does FM WhatsApp work?

FM WhatsApp Apk offers a very simple and easy use of this app. This app will contain all of the essential keys and buttons on the key screen. These keys and options will be the ones that will be frequently used in the app. Therefore you will catch sight of these options after entering the app. 

Moreover, you will have to visit the specific section in order to use it properly. Such as if you will wish to go to the status/stories then you will visit the status section. Moreover, if you will sight wish to chat with anyone then you will visit the chat section. 

Moreover, you will perform the customization and setting of many things in the setting option. You will visit that specific setting option, and from there you will do the setting according to your choice. Moreover, the operating system is of this app is very uncomplicated. In this way, any of the users will not face any hardship while using this app. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I use the official along with this FM WhatsApp on a single device?

Yes, you can use both of versions on the same device. Because the official version will not be able to ban this version because of the Apk file. 

Can I read any deleted messages through this app?

Surely you can read any of the messages even after being deleted from the sender. This feature is known as anti delete feature in this app.

How can I hide even after viewing anyone’s story/status?

You can only hide even after seeing anyone’s story/status from this FM WhatsApp Apk. because this app will make you able to hide your name from the seen people. 

Can I uninstall FMWhatsApp APK when I want to?

Yes, After downloading and installing FMWhatsApp APK from our website, you can uninstall it any time you want. 

How to update FMWhatsApp APK?

For about a few months, you won’t have to update this app since it’s the latest variant of WhatsApp, but as well as the official WhatsApp launch update, we’ll instantly upload the updated version of FMWhatsApp APK on this website.

Final Verdict

FM WhatsApp Ak is one of the world’s most popular names of communication apps. The reason behind its success and popularity is its awesome features. These features are only retained in this version because you will not explore them in any other app. 

Dozens of advanced features are offered in this single app so you will get an exciting and entertaining experience from this app.

We have tried our best to explain each of its features but still, we are unsure about it. Because you think several features are also missing which we haven’t explained in this article. 

Therefore it is suggested to download FM WhatsApp Apk in order to explore many concealed features. 

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