AdGuard VPN MOD Apk v4.0.80 Latest 2023 [Premium Unlocked]

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AdGuard Software Limited
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5.0 and up
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Premium Unlocked
Updated on
February 13, 2023

The internet is full of advertisements that you will surely encounter when you access anything. Having to wait for many ads can be both annoying and time-consuming. If you don’t want to deal with ads, AdGuard VPN Mod Apk would be of great help. No more waiting for ads, helping users to use them effectively. 

You can also connect to AdGuard VPN’s network. You can use it for any purpose you like. Multi-functionality with many new features. Websites, newspapers, and games can be accessed this way easily. Safe network connection, no advertising. Users benefit from the best service provided by AdGuard VPN.

In addition to being able to connect an unlimited amount of virtual private network bandwidth, AdGuard VPN is also free of charge. A VPN connection will be facilitated on all devices, privacy will be protected, the fake IP address will be created, and restricted websites will be unblocked. In comparison to previous ad-blocking applications from this publisher, this app is optimized for VPN speeds and unlimited traffic.

AdGuard VPN MOD Apk

The Adguard VPN app for Android devices gives you unlimited personal data protection, making it one of the fastest and most secure VPN apps available. This app’s great features are fast servers, a no-logs policy, a list of exclusions, and network encryption.

What is AdGuard VPN?

A router will be required to transmit all your information when you log on to the Internet. Hackers may steal your personal information if you are unlucky. There will be no difficulty in extracting information from them. In this case, you should encrypt your connection. Due to the encryption of everything on the Internet, nobody can see what you are doing. Even the IP address of your connection is hidden. 

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Anyone who uses information technology can’t violate the Internet no matter where they are or when they are using it. You may also visit certain websites without wanting others to know. You can also hide it with “AdGuard VPN Mod Apk.” Nothing can be found on the Internet, not even by the Internet provider. All information will remain strictly confidential. You can log in to any website you like because your login location is confidential. This feature is extremely useful in countries where some websites are blocked.

Among the powerful servers offered by AdGuard VPN are UK-London, RU-Moscow, and DE-Berlin. There is a high level of stability and speed with these links. Users in these areas will gain the best benefit. The support you receive is also quick if you live in other countries such as Japan, Australia, or France. Right on the screen, you can make these choices visually. You can also see each server’s ping on the right to make choosing easier. 

Simply click on the status line after selecting a server that suits you to be routed there. To enable the app’s features securely, click on the “connect” button. To disconnect the service, just click the disconnect button on this screen.


Fast Servers

With more than 20 servers in different countries, AdGuard VPN Mod Apk has a relatively wide server network. The nearest server will be selected automatically based on the device’s IP address on the first access to the application. As a result, you will be able to access the internet at the best speed. Although AdGuard VPN servers are fewer than popular VPN applications like Turbo VPN, the internet connection quality is still very good.

Ads Remove

In addition to removing and blocking ads, AdGuard VPN performs other functions as well. The feature is not available without third-party applications or extensions if you do not use AdGuard VPN. The app will then block all ads. Ensure that no files can read your search history, data, or advertisements. Keep them at a distance while you use the services. Surf the Internet effectively and efficiently to stay connected. In addition to erasing your search history, AdGuard VPN also completely erases all the data you’ve searched for. The goal is to ensure that user privacy is not compromised.

No Log Policy

All data you enter into AdGuard VPN will be encrypted and protected from third-party access. No one else can ever access your data because only you know it. No one (including your ISP or government) will be able to find out which websites you are visiting or anything else you are doing on the internet. As a result, you can be assured of your safety.

Quick Connections

Because the servers are connected, the device will be able to cover the world without any restrictions. A supporting application will accelerate the process of connecting information sources. You’ll also find the menu next to the server to help you control the process, offering several options to enhance your experience.

Customer Support

We are glad to announce that the AdGuard VPN Mod Apk team is now offering 24/7 app support to interested users. In case you need assistance with the mobile application or its services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Virtual Keys

A virtual key in the AdGuard VPN interface will allow you to exclude certain websites from the list. Using the names listed, the user can remove them from the list by clicking on them and dragging them there. You will no longer have to worry about them disturbing your entertainment and workspace!

MOD Features:

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Private Proxy
  • Browse like ninja
  • Leave no trace
  • Set your own rules
  • 50+ locations
  • No Ads

Final Thoughts

A VPN application like Adguard VPN Mod Apk prevents annoying ads, speeds up web surfing, and makes the user more secure. This application supports mobile platforms. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about incompatibility when using this application. Our site offers the MOD version for download, so you can quickly try it out.

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